Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 - A healthful journey

Hello everyone

I know right... where the hell have I been...?

Well truth be knows, I was away getting fatter than ever! It's true... I'm not going to lie to you. I don't even know if anyone still bothers to check this blog... if anyone will even know I am writing here but it's a new start then so all is good.

Between my husband first being diagnosed with cancer after I was diagnosed with a heart condition and then when we thought we got through that my MIL was then diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer... well, I just had no energy left to be creative or eat right. STRESS it's a real Bitch. Late night eating after hours sitting in emergency rooms didn't help either... but here's the thing...

I'm taking control! I am down 11 pounds so far and it's been a month and 1 week since I began this healthful journey. I can't claim to have developed a plan or anything but I can tell you I am following a great one and it's absolutely free too. I am also a part of a great online FB group who is supper supportive.

The plan is the City Line Weight Loss Challenge and is based out of Toronto, Ontario. It's pretty easy and you can find all the information here Start up with City Line Weight Loss Challenge

I have also been walking to work every day and home... yup... that is it everyone... I walk. With my heart condition the most I can manage is a brisk walk or sometimes a jog on the spot during my students 15 minute breaks at school... you'd be surprised how many steps you can get in on those 15 minute breaks.. they add up fast especially if you are jogging. I got a FITBIT for my birthday this year... and it holds me accountable. not to mention I purchased one for my MIL and my MUM and my friend at work got one and two of my cousins... so now just like that I have a team. LOL Anyway we keep each other going... and you know the one with cancer kicks everyone's butt!

I have also been finding some really fabulous recipes and enjoying eating right! It is really important to eat well and keep it mixed up. I get bored easily so I need to keep my meals tasty and interesting so I am always experimenting with new things...

SO I thought I might share some stuff here. Some will be things I just make up and others maybe I will find from cookbooks, online, in my FB group etc but it might be a way for you to keep interested too.

Tonight I had a roasted chicken with sweet potato and cauliflower,  onion, zucchini and a wee bit of light gravy. It was fabulous. 4 oz of chicken 1 small sweet potato and as many veggies as I wanted until I was full. Also and very importantly I don't eat after 7pm! That is a big one and it was hard in the beginning but now I am finally getting used to that.

I'll post photos too and step by steps but today I just wanted to try to get started again... see if I had anything to say. It looks like I might so why now reopen the doors to Seraphim's Diner?!

TIP: If you do get hungry at night stick to free veggies (non starchy ones) and if you have a sweet craving try Bengal tea! It is sweet and delicious and has no sugar. It is also easy to find and costs very little and hot water makes you feel full (cold water quenches thirst).

See ya soon!

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