Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joining In ~ Running Scared!

So Yesterday I went to GoodLife gym and signed on for a year! Yup... I did! Actually I am more hesitant than ever at this decision and I am not sure why. I am thinking that it must be the first day to school gitters. It is a very big gym unlike curves etc and I am a bit shy when it comes to my workouts. But I went anyway and got the no pay enrolment and no pay first and last month so I paid 0 dollars for my joining so far. However if I quit and try to cancel before the year is through I have to pay them $90 bucks! Hummmm? Maybe that is supposed to be motivation?

Today I met with a trainer named Carrie and she did my testing to see what my body fat index is etc. 32% was the tally number and you are supposed to be in between 15 - 20%... this was not good news but not a surprise. I know what my belly looks like!... oh yes I do! So do many of the people over the last year or so that continually ask when I am due!!! I know... lets not even go there.

 ~I am a bit of an apple at the moment. I never gain much in my hips and legs. For me it is all tummy~

Then we proceeded to do the physical testing: Squats (which I have apparently been doing incorrectly for most of my workouts in the last 10 years),  Lunges (also incorrect technique), push ups (crunching wrists after only two so that is out of the question. I will be doing chest press instead), and of course the dreaded plank (which I also did incorrectly)! Talk about intimidation! Aaarrrrrrrr! I really thought I would get at least an B+ but instead the dreaded F! Plus that only took about 8 minutes total actual workout time and my legs have been weak and shakey for the rest of the day! REALLY? Am I that out of shape?

It was only a few weeks ago that I was up every morning at 5:30am doing my power 90 videos and my Jillian Michaels videos... I am a bit discouraged! I am a bit competitive and I mean that in a good way... it's what has gotten me where I am today with my artist bears and my art quilts and several other things in my life. It got me through Dental Assisting school with an A+ ... because no one thought I could do it! That's why I DID! You see what I mean, don't tell me I can't or I will by golly!

Alright so all that aside I am nervous. The realization that I have been doing it all wrong made me fear injuring myself again and now I was feeling really intimidated. So I hired my trainer for 3 sessions which were on sale and still cost me $170! YIKES! But at this point what are my options? I can't quit the gym or it will cost me $90 bucks and I don't want to get hurt so I can't work cause that will cost me and my family even more! Aaaaarrrrrrr! So I hired her to help with three one hour sessions scheduled at my choice.

I made the first appointed training time for next week on Monday afternoon. The trainer says to me as she is walking away ... "Lookin forward to beating you up next week!" WHAT! my brain screeches! But I have honestly been thinking about this today and talked it over with my husband and NO she will not be beating me up at all! I am sure that 90% of the people she trains expect Jillian Michaels and boot camp but I don't want that I will make that clear on Monday. I want a nice slow informative workout! I want to LEARN the correct way to do the moves so I can do them again on my own. I don't need to be pushed so hard that I cannot work the next day. I need to be couched and trained to learn the correct way to use the equipment and the correct way to preform the tasks at hand whatever that exercise may be! I plan to have her do next week and them one the next month and one the next month. She wants me to do them all bang bang bang right after one another but for me spreading out the time with her will make sure I am still on track and doing the correct things. If I use them all up at once that is all the time I have and money too so not a smart choice.

I wanted to go to the gym tonight to try the treadmill but our car is locked up at the garage to have an oil change. They locked the doors with our car inside and I don't really want to drive my father in laws new truck to the gym. I will wait a day and then get in there to try the treadmills and eliptical training machines. Slow and steady wins the race.

I would like to fit into my skinny pants by Christmas and I am a hard worker so maybe it will happen but if it doesn't at least I hope I can say I am eating clean and exercising and feeling better. I will be healthier!

There was a girl at the gym last night who had an absolutely amazing body... no smile but an amazing body! If I could keep my smile and have a body even a bit like hers .... Whaaaawho! She is only around 29 years old and I am 44 so a bit of a difference there but if Tosca Reno could do it at 40 and in 10 years at 50 win a body building competition and go on to be on the cover or Oxygen magazine... I could maybe achieve getting back into my skinny pants!

So there is your first REAL entry to this new blog! Now we are getting into the nitty gritty of it all! Oh yes we are!

See you soon with more stories to tell!

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