Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moving and Food

So I have been contemplating just hiding and not writing on this blog but then I thought again. I want this to be an honest account of my journey and sometimes things don't go as we hope! It seems that for me moving is a bit stressful! And for me stress means comfort food. Although I have not purchased a lot of the bad stuff to keep in the house I have indulged outside of the home with pizza, ice cream and even Tim Hortons donuts and muffins with sugared coffee! I plan a peanut butter and jam sandwich on nice white bread for my breakfast today too!

I am however moving towards better eating again. I have low fat turkey thawed in the fridge and yesterday I had whole grain bread with a boiled egg for breakfast. I had a nice salad but the dressing most definitely was not on the eat clean list nor was the crispy bagel chips! I had a sub with assorted cold cuts and white pasta....

We purchased a house and our house is now up for sale! These past days have been filled with packing until too late, painting and lifting and not wanting to smell the house up with food smells. We might have a buyer already but I don't like to count my chickens before they are hatched. What I keep focusing on is the size of my new livingroom that I will be into in end of October! I can workout there! I am really excited as I have never really had a space large enough to workout in but I have made it work as best I could. I might even be able to do laps around my back yard! Hahaha But in all seriousness I am really looking forward to a normal routine again where I can get healthy!

I am not giving up of course and the fact that I am here writing is a good sign of that and good things to come. I have not even had time to go to the grocery store. These next days now however will be better. The house is finally ready and staged. The packing will go a little at a time now and I will hopefully be able to make healthy meals again starting tonight after I go shopping! I am looking forward to it. I like cooking with spices but I don't want to right now in case we get that last minute call to have a viewing so I plan to have many outside BBQ style meats etc and keep the inside stuff to potatoes and a veggies that are fairly non aromatic... in other words... no brussel sprouts or cabbage!

The good thing is I am up so early and still up late and lifting heavy things and moving all the time... I am burning more calories than normal so I am wishful that the food and moving balance out a bit at this time of unsettledness!

Now I will be back soon with more news and if you are trying to follow a better lifestyle and following this blog don't loose heart if you slip up every once in a while. Life takes you places sometimes but don't also give in and stay in that dark place. Get back in the saddle again. I'll be back really soon with more!

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