Friday, September 23, 2011

Eatin' through the freezer

As you all know... I am on a journey of healthy living... I am hopeful that includes not being wasteful.

So we have purchased a new home. We are moving in just before Halloween and are also now trying to sell our little sweet river house. Reguardless of what happens with that we are moving but we have our fingers crossed that all falls into place.

In saying all this, we don't want to move a ton of food especially frozen stuff so we have made a deal that there are no complaints and we are eating through our freezer; not to mention that this allows us to save some cash, instead of purchasing more groceries we are eating what we have... what a concept, I know! Now in our freezer are a lot of left over things from before we decided to go healthy... this is a bit difficult but as I said, no complaints. We are looking at each meal with a bit of a sense of humour.

Last night we had Weight Watchers frozen dinners... they were in need of being eaten as they smelled a little freezer burnt but tasted fine. That meal was not too bad in terms of things as at least the calories were low. But tonight is a different story. We purchased these chicken wing thingies and they are so killer hot that you just want to die not to mention the salt! But we have a bag of them left so they are on the menu tonight... my hubby and I are both battling a bad could with stuffy noses and fevers so I figure we can use these as a sort of medicine and BURN the virus to death! Hahahaha

I also found tucked away in our chest freezer four half used bags of perogies. I thought these would be a good compliment to the fires of hell chicken bits as they are very bland so that is our very delicious menu for this evening. I think we are in for a world of hurt tomorrow but we won't be hungry tonight.

On the flip side... I also found a stuffed turkey in the freezer! Whaaawhoo! So I will try to get that in the oven this Sunday and have some mashed potatoes and gravy and some of those mixed frozen veggies that are in the freezer. I even found a pie and some other desserts and ice cream too! Sounds like we will be having a celebration feast this weekend and maybe we will be celebrating selling our little house that we dearly love... it's just too tiny for two artists.

I guess my moral for today is waste not want not and even though there are some not so healthy things in our freezer, the dinners we have been preparing are a bit strange and in that cause some laughter and laughing is really good for you, especially in times of stress, sometimes brought about by things like trying to sell your house. Hahahaha So have a wonderful day, stick to your healthy lifestyles and if you need to indulge for whatever the reason... find a way to enjoy it and don't beat yourself up over it!

Be back soon with more fun stuff...

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