Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day... no excuses!

Hello everyone

So today is the last day before you change your life if you are taking the "Get off your broom" challenge. If you think of it that way it goes much easier... you want to be healthy and the bonus is you will loose some extra pounds. Take it one step at a time, each day as it comes! It's only really you against you so YOU can do this! So can I ...hahahaha

I have a showing of my house again today with a couple that has been here twice already! Third time is a charm! We hope to get an offer and then things will be much easier all round. No more house viewings and carting the animals back and forth (poor guys). It has also made it a real challenge to eat properly but ... no excuses!

So yesterday I managed to stay on track. I am following the new Weight Watchers points plus and the eating clean whenever I can while on this challenge. I purchased a few frozen dinners (Smart Ones) and I like soup especially at this time of year. I also love salad but my downfall with that is that I love sauces and dressings and we all know that is where the calories are packed into. So even though I am not an advocate of FAT FREE I did purchase a few fat free dressings yesterday. I did read the labels however and only bought the ones that I could read and knew most of the ingredients!

So I have 29 total points plus for a day. Yesterday I did really well and ended up with no extra points used and no points left over! That is great for day one! I know the challenge does not officially begin till tomorrow but I wanted to get tracking in case the first few days did not work out well.

I bought some treats to help me ease into the change of lifestyle eating plan... and my favourites were

The new WW brownies - 3 pt plus
Yoptimal Lactose free yogourt - 2 pt plus

I know I can get fat free yogourt but here in Canada I have to make a choice between eating lactose free or eating fat free and the cost of my pills that allow me to eat dairy is high so I mostly always opt for the lactose free. If you are not lactose intolerant I would suggest going Fat Free or at least low fat in your dairy items! Dairy is a big culprit of fat but healthy fat so mix it up! Pick and choose where you want to splurge with your fat. You need to eat some fat each day but choose healthy fat like olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil (which you cannot heat up so use this for salad) or omega oil (which is a combination of healthy oil). I have also switched from using margarine to using coconut oil on my toast and where ever I can. I avoid margarine like the plague. It is artificial and clogs up your everything so try to stay natural as often as possible, your body will thank you for it in the end.

Okay... time to scoot off now and do any last minute cleaning etc. Wish me luck with the house today! Please let my little house sell!

Selling your house spell:


Benjamin or benzoin, cinnamon sticks, and dried basil (if you grew it yourself, that is best), two green candles, an estate agent's picture of your house, a censer containing charcoal and a red pen.

Make the benzoin, cinnamon and basil into an incense by crumbling and mixing them. As you do so imagine your old life in the house going into the incense to be transformed.. Light your candles and place the picture of your house between them. Light your charcoal, and when it is sparkling, sprinkle some of the incense into the censer. As you do so, imagine your house being sold, the telephone calls, the contracts, the moving arrangements. Waft the incense over the picture and write SOLD on it with a red pen, in bold letters. Now carry your incense over the entire house, loving it and imagining giving it over to someone else who will also love it. Place the picture, plus a little of the unburnt incense mixture underneath your doormat. Sale Agreed!

This is from the book "Magic House"by Teresa Moorey

I simplified this spell and visualized myself doing all of it in my head. I did hold the real estate picture in my hand the entire time and I did walk through my house with it and do the visualization of the happy times we have had here. Then I wrote the word SOLD on my picture and placed it under the front doormat. 

I do many of my spells creatively with visualization. They seem to work just as well for me. I'll let you know if I get the agreement!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Treats are hard when lactose intollerant. Try putting a pint of strawberries or 2 cups of mango chunks or peaches, nectarines, more meaty fruit, into a blender with half a cup of water, 2 tblsp lemon juice and 1/3 cup sugar. Whiz it all up about 10 seconds and then pour into popsicle molds. Stick in freezer for a few hours and you have great treat for not too much money... Look fat :D

  2. I am cheering for you to both sell your house and become healthier!! Good luck to you!!