Saturday, October 1, 2011

DAY ONE - Get Off Your Broom Challenge - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Hello Everyone:

I wanted to check in today to wish all that are participating in this challenge good luck! I have already posted my weight and weight goals here for you all... although no picture yet.

The Good: I planned to take the picture last night when we got an offer on our house and we had to rush off to the real estates office!

The Bad: The offer was so low it was almost insulting! This lead to a small binge on my part... so much for no excuses. It did was not a terrible binge... I had a small bowl of pasta with margarine and hot sauce. I do mean small too... 1/2 a cup!

The Ugly: But I also had a waffle and margarine and some syrup... that was the ugly part. But okay... I always like to end on a positive...

The Sexy: Today is actually day one of the challenge and I'm feeling better this morning. I woke up and the air was crisp... Fall is here! I actually love Fall! So I prepared my food to bring into work with me today. And I do have a safe guard Weight Watchers treat with me today just in case! It may be another stressful day as we counter offered so I expect a long back in forth with this couple. I also have my bears to work on today and this is my meditation plus we might be busy so ... time flies.

I have packed a nice soup for a cool day, 2 sliced WW whole grain bread, tomato, 3 slices of turkey bacon (of which I usually only have one and my hubby eats the other two) olive oil mayo, a salad with low fat and no fat dressing (on the side), Yoptimal yogourt, and I have some frozen WW dinners at work also.

Breakfast: 9:30am

WW whole grain bread sandwich with olive oil mayo, turkey bacon and tomato. I LOVE this sandwich!

Lunch: 12:30 - 1:00pm

Campbell's soup - tomato and rice (my fave!)
Salad with low fat or no fat dressing
piece of fruit - 1 banana

Snack: around 3:00pm
Frozen dinner

Weight Watchers points plus: 29 total pt plus for my day

3 Slices of Turkey Bacon is 3pt plus = 1pt for me as I am only having one piece
Lactose free yogourt 2pt plus
WW whole grain bread x2 slices 2pt plus
tomato is free
olive oil mayo, 1 tbls 1pt plus - .5 for me as I only have a tsp
Low fat dressing or no fat dressing 1pt plus
Frozen WW dinners are between 6 and 8pt plus
WW treat - brownie 3pt plus or Lemon cake 2pt plus (just in case)

So at most by the time I come home I will have 14.5 to 16.5 points plus left for my evening depending on my frozen dinner total.

Also, fruit is free so I might pick up some bananas and apples and maybe some oranges to have on hand for if I am snacky

Veggies are free also!

Be back tomorrow with our first Drop It Swap It... what's that? You'll have to come by to see for yourself! Swap it Sundays will be a regular post here so keep checkin in!

Good Luck everyone! Take each day one day at a time... next thing you know it will be December 31 and you will have lost your weight and reached your goals!


  1. Too bad about the offer. Yum on the menu. I can't wait to see where all these lead us. Mm, I'm going to eat a banana. Your fault ;-)

  2. What a great post....what did you have for breakfast? Is that a shake or something? I am so proud of you! My steps will be much

  3. Good luck with your weight loss goal.

  4. Thanks for posting the comment on my blog :-) Sounds like you are off to a good start (even with the minor binge last night). I feel like I also had a good start to the challenge, but will be blogging about it later.
    Keep up the good work!