Sunday, October 16, 2011

Give me my egg and keep your croissant! Drop it Swap it!

Drop it Swap it Sunday is here again:

Today I want to make this swap suggestion:

Drop It:

1 Croissant with a pat of butter = 270 calories

Swap It:

1 poached egg (make sure your egg is poached not fried), 1 slice of whole wheat toast with butter and 3 oz of ham = 270 calories!

Making better choices means not being hungry! And I have to say...the second choice in this situation looks like a very good swap in my opinion. I would rather have an egg and ham with toast any day over the croissant. I just might have this for breakfast myself today. And my calories will be a bit less as I don't like butter so...

If you are like me but need to add in your fat somewhere. If you don't like butter and prefer not to use artificial margarine either you have a few options. you can get a vegan margarine or my preference is to use Coconut butter instead. It is all natural and has no artificial anything in it! The flavor is mild and slightly sweet which is lovely on toast and your body breaks it down wonderfully!

About that poached egg... you could swap it for a boiled egg also. Or have scrambled with just cooking spray and it would work out to the same calories. 

I was given a fabulous gift by my husband last holiday and it gets used all the time. It is an egg cooker and it is so easy to use. It will do a boiled or several boiled eggs however you like them - from soft to hard or you can do poached and it is super easy. I highly recommend getting one of these little treasures for your kitchen!

This one is the one I have but there are many companies that make them...

My poached eggs come out with a nice diamond shape and they are perfectly done every time! Best gift ever!

Have a great week ladies and gents! Our house is still up for sale and there are showings almost daily. We also are moving into our new house in only a couple of weeks so the posts will get more frequent when we get settled with lots of great tips and recipes etc... just hang in there. I'll be back soon!


  1. Looks delicious. I hardly ever make eggs for breakfast, the BF is not an egg eater and I hate making two different meals for two people... but I am severely tempted to make French toast today (as second breakfast - we eat together, but he gets up later, hence I get my cup of coffee and some fruit and yogurt first thing in the morning, and the second breakfast doubles as lunch for me). Yepp, French toast and some hot raspberries... sounds great. ^^

  2. I care little for eggs, but I would eat anything with coconut butter, so yum! This sounds like an amazing breakfast to me. Thanks for sharing!