Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo day

Hi Everyone

Well as I promised I have taken my before photos ... you poor souls! But as I have done this before I know how important that day one photo really is in the end! I am wearing the tightest thing I could find so you can REALLY see the real me because my clothes really hide what I actually look like.. yes.. I know... I am brave! But this is for me so if I cannot be brave for me who will I ever be brave for?

Right so here I am ... all 142 pounds of me squished into a brand new bathing suit... I purchased this suit in black in one size smaller too cause I love it so much...for later on! Heehee

As you can see I have the support of my very skinny and handsome Italian Greyhound, Jonesy! He is my inspiration!


HIPS: 39"
WAIST: 33"
CHEST: 39"
THIGHS: 18.5"
ARMS: 10"


So I danced today for 30 minutes and I sweat sweat sweat! I think MOVING is one of my goals. Weather it is dancing or power 90 or yoga or any of my DVD's that have been collecting dust lately as you can see by my fabulous and proud belly, I want to keep moving! At least 20 minutes each day of a good workout.

I am doing my best to follow my Weight Watchers plan without rejoining and attending meetings. This is only because we are in the middle of selling our house and moving into a new one and I don't think I can get to a meeting right now. I am also trying to eat natural and eat clean as much as I can!

As for number and scale goals... I hate setting these cause I hate being disappointing as I find that really discouraging but for the sake of being a good sport... I hope to loose 2 pounds a week. It is a big goal when you are not going to a gym regularly but it might be achievable. I will be happy if each week I loose something! 

In the long term... for Yule I would love to be at my goal weight of 120 pounds, 22 pounds lighter. This takes a lot of dedication I know but if you aim for the moon you might at least catch a star right... so if I get to 130... I'm not going to complain! But if I hit my goal... WhaaWhoooo! 

I will be posting recipes as well as fitness ideas as well as what I am eating personally by the day or just if I find a great recipe so come on over to Seraphim's Diner any time!

Okay, I think I met the mini challenge for this week so wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on the challenge.

  2. good luck with the challenge

  3. Oh, you gave me courage to post my own pictures later today. Thank you.

  4. Good for you! You can do this! I know how tough it is to lose during a stressful busy time... just keep your eye on the goal!

  5. Your plan sounds awesome! I love the fact that you bought a second bathing suit smaller. It shows dedication! Oh and Jonesy is fabulous!

  6. Hey Michele! thanks for dropping by and supporting me, i'm really proud of you for posting pics and measurements. i'm gonna be brave and do that today!! yes, getting moving is a great thing, and i have to remember that too! hope we can really get to know each other and be a great support team!

  7. Cute bathing suit!!! Good luck!

  8. Congrats on taking the pictures! It was probably the scariest part for me (and I took mine while wearing a bikini!). It's nice to see someone else following the Weight Watchers point system. I have never actually signed up for it or anything, but my Mom was on it, so I just copied out all the points for foods that apply to me (since I'm vegetarian), and my Mom calculated how many points a day I should have.

    I personally have not set a weight goal. I just want to weigh less. By the end of the challenge, I'd like to have lost 10 pounds or more (preferably more). Overall, I want to lose 46-51 (and weigh between 115-120). I'm only 5'2, so BMI wise, I need to be around there.

    Good luck on on your goals! You can do it! :D