Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drop it Swap it - coffee

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Today I want to talk a bit about coffee. A lot of us need that large morning coffee and we love to add our sugar and cream too don't we. There is a ton of calories that add up quickly in that cream and sugar... if you have three coffees a day you are looking at the equivalent to say...

FIVE BOWLS of All Bran Cereal to equal the total amount of fat in ONE large double double coffee or
THREE BOWLS to equal the total amount of sugar present in ONE large double double!

I know many of you think you cannot do BLACK coffee so here is a suggestion... By the way, I do not advocate the use of artificial sweeteners as most cause cancer! Stick with natural sugars like Agave or Turbinado, Demerara and others like them if you must use sugar in cooking etc.

But back to coffee. Try this instead of a regular black coffee, choose some French Vanilla beans or any other flavour that you enjoy. You will be amazed at the difference this makes to your morning brew and you won't need sugar or cream! The flavour really smooths out your coffee and you will be cutting your calorie intake by a ton!

Drop It
Double Double large coffee

Swap It

Flavoured gourmet bean black large

And if you absolutely must use something to sweeten your coffee use something natural as stated above and try the below coffee trick to help you along in your weight loss and healthier lifestyle!

The Coffee Trick

1st cup of coffee - no sugar at all. If you can do this and if not.. try what I said above and use this method until you can make it all day with just your flavoured black coffee

2nd cup of coffee - just half a teaspoon of sugar.

3rd cup of coffee - one full teaspoon of sugar.

Just cutting out that one sugar in 3 cups of coffee each day reduces the calorie intake by 336 calories each week with no real effort involved!

 Another little tip: Are you a candy bar a day person?

 Trust me... no one who eats a SNICKERS or any other chocolate bar a day ... unless they are 12 years old looks like this girl... but if you skip it and replace it... look out wicked witch of the west... Samantha is in town!

By skipping candy bar everyday and eating fresh fruits and nuts, you can save 1000 calories a week!

And if you absolutely cannot get off the bar cold turkey... Swap it for Weight Watchers bars or brownies. Far less calories and still a little treat! 

And if it must be chocolate: Swap you junky candy bar for organic chocolate and make it as dark as you can stand it. You will be amazed at how a very small piece of good quality chocolate fulfills your need for this treat! Instead of munchin down an entire chocolate bar that leaves you hangin and still wanting more... you can have one square of a good quality dark organic chocolate and be satiated!  Your body will also break it down in a completely different and better way than eating the bar filled with chemicals and fluff that you cannot even pronounce!

Now a days even your local Shoppers Drug Mart and many and maybe even most grocery stores have organic chocolate! Is it more expensive... YES.... it is supposed to be a treat! But also you don`t need to eat the entire chocolate bar so it lasts a VERY long time!

That`s another rule of mine... if you can not say it... you definitely should not eat it!
I`ll be back soon with more Drop it Swap it Sundays!

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