Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crunchy Wrists and Chocolate Brownies

Hello Everyone:

Sorry my post is so late today... we had three house showings today and I am just getting back home now!

I have done several recipe Swap It's so I thought today I would show you an exercise option.

Drop It:

Swap It:

If you can do these then you're all set. But if you need a little help starting off you can try these instead:

And if these are still too difficult...

A wall press is a great option!

I have very weak wrists, always have, even when I was a gymnast I had to wear wrist guards. Now as I have aged my wrists crunch causing me severe pain. This makes it very hard for me to do push ups. As a matter of fact... I just cannot do them.

Swap It:

If you also find the dreaded push up a problem due to weak wrists or carpal tunnel syndrome the way to get your pecks in great shape is a good old chest press!

Keeping your knees bent helps to support you back and gravity helps your wrist situation! Doing the chest press as an alternative actually allows you to wear a wrist brace if you need to also.

However... a doctor once told me that if you need to wear a brace the weight is too heavy so lighten the weight and get rid of the brace. This is advice I have done my best to live by.

Just another little bit of information in relation to the Get Off Your Broom Challenge... 
I am still trying! I have not weighed myself for fear of disappointment and therefore fear of giving up! 
Instead I have avoided the scale and implemented a very relaxed schedule of sweating for 20 to 30 minutes for at least 4 times a week. I do every other day and I either dance or strength train using my own body weight. I usually just pick a TV show and while watching it instead of sitting on the couch I get up and move. I either run on the spot. do jumping jacks, squats, lunges, kicks and punches or I do a combination of that and sit-ups and plank holds for my abs and arms. I dance and twist and do whatever else I can think of to get me to the end of the show. The time goes by and I don't much notice it. I am breathing hard, my heart rate is up and I am sweating! I make sure to have on a good sports bra and have a large glass of water at hand at all times. Having a towel handy is a good idea too!
Tuesday nights I use the BIGGEST LOOSER show as my chosen inspirational show and I workout until I the show is over.
Lately my husband has been helping me out also. He gets his Ipod out while we are working on Saturday and he DJs fab rockin oldies and mixes it up with everything from the Beatles to wrap. I dance and do anything else to keep movin for the whole 25 to 30 minutes and he jumps in with crazy 80's dance moves to keep me laughin! What a guy huh? It's really fun and has become 30 minutes of my Saturday that I really look forward to.

Now as for my eating... not so great! I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this but I am thinking it is just the simple fact that my schedule is all thrown off with this trying to sell our house and packing to move thing. Plus I have two Christmas shows I am desperately trying to get ready for. I am still trying but my Mother In Law bringing in Brownies to work and frozen yogourt in our freezer etc is not helping. It's absolutely not anyone's fault except my own... I have a weakness for sweets. Who doesn't right?

But at least I am moving and the food will fall into place soon. It always does. You see, when you spend all that time and effort working so hard that you are sweatin it out... you begin to not want that sweet stuff. So I am just trying to keep it going and I am not giving up! I just wanted to let you all know because I did not make a post about my efforts last week!

Keep up your efforts also and I will be back next Sunday!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. You are late? Now I feel terrible, my post won't go up until after tomorrow *sigh*

    I can't do any kind of push up exercise (I have a bad shoulder) but I do other things.

    Get ready for your upcoming shows, but get to busy to remember to eat half healthy.

    And tell your mother in law I can send her my address... um, for the sweets ;-)

  2. Just found your place through Magaly at Pagan Culture...I think I'll come back and read a bit...really like the drop it/swap it stuff...

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