Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh In

Hello Everyone:

It is but two days till the "Get Off Your Broom" Challenge begins!

I decided to try to start today to get on track! So I weighed in at 142 pounds. I am 5'5" and I like to weigh 120 - 125 pounds so that is my goal for December 31st.

I honestly think it will be a real challenge to get there working through the holidays but I will do my best!

I have purchased a few frozen Weight Watchers meals for the moving days and showing days that I am short of time in hopes that these will help to keep me on track. My favourites of their meals are the Pizza and the tuna gratin.  Most of you know that I am trying to eat clean and these do not fit into that way of life but sometimes, when times are busy, I think these are better to have around than nothing cause the alternative might not be a good one.

Today I will be having a boiled egg and yogurt for my breakfast and I have brought tomato and rice soup and a salad with calorie wise dressing for my lunch. Now at my work, which is a family run business, there is almost always JUNK FOOD temptations so I have to contend with that also. Today we should also have to unload a few wine skids so that will be some burning off of calories.

Because we are in the middle of a move, I have no workout DVD's available! They are all packed so I plan to dance if I can tonight after dinner and I will walk ... if it is not pour rain, around our building at work a few laps if I can also. Last night I did a few stretches and got my blood flowing.

I have also left myself a note not to add salt to anything from now on and to drink lots of water... actually my hubby just brought me in the first one of the day! He is very supportive and knows that today is the planned day to begin.

I will try to do my before photo tonight... and try to post it by October 1st!

I'll be back later with more on how today went!

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  1. I just realized that I haven't weighted myself in over 13 months. I'm jumping off the broom too. I want some firmness and maybe to return to a regular workout/dancing schedule.

    I'm excited about this one...